“This is Eve” (Trailer Contest 2015)

This was my entry.  I didn’t win.  :-)

I thought about my 10 years in Eve, and put together a video that is a small slice of the essence of my experience and player perspective.  I’ve lived in every area of space (high, low, null, and whiskey), and fought in numerous, destructive wars.  Plus, I’ve taken part in just about every activity in game.

I led several corporations over the years, and at one time I led a high/low sec alliance for a little over a year called Construct Consortium.  We grew to around 450 pilots in a dozen corporations or so, and we fought several wars.  The video was inspired by those events.

My favorite memory was leading fleets against griefers, blowing them into space debris, and locking them inside their stations.  We were not the kind of targets they expected, and there was great fun experienced all around.  I still enjoy the trophies of those victories from time-to-time.  :-)


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