EVE Online: Vortex

Read now: .epub (favorite eReaders) or .pdf (Adobe Reader)

EVE Online: Chronicles of the Vortex is a collection of fifteen short stories by Daniel Bastion set in the EVE science fiction universe.  They were presented to the judges and capsuleer community during the yearly Pod & Planet Fiction Contest.

Included is the short story “Gauss” that won 1st place in the “8,000 Suns in New Eden” lore based category as well as seven other prize winning entries (Corruption, Crossfire, Infiltration, Touch the Stars, Dark Ripple, The Unfinished Game, and Breach).

“From the beginnings of the EVE Universe, its inhabitants were born into chaos, forever struggling to create order only to write a new chapter of discord in the annals of history.  Rising, clashing, and discovering, just to fall again as the machinations of their efforts and ambitions extend beyond their control.” – EVE Online


About Daniel Bastion

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