EVE Online: Gauss

eve-logo1st Prize

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Caldari Space
The Forge region
Etsala Constellation

Drilnen Asquar let out a vile curse. He threw the helmet of his space suit across the bay. The old helmet spun as it did so, and the audio from its internal speakers echoed off the various dull, metallic walls with each spin. The head unit smashed into some cargo containers, which then caused those to fall to the deck. The resounding crash was satisfying.

The audio in the helmet had shut off, but that was due to the power being depleted rather than what Drilnen had intended. He did not care if the speakers or the electronics were busted or not. She could pay for it out of her cut. The thought was even more satisfying.

The man stripped off the upper portion of his black, space suit and dropped it on the floor where he stood. His black undershirt hugged his muscular chest. Then he pushed the old pants down a bit folding the waist line over, and reached into a utility pocket. Retrieving a small, long package, he tore it open with his teeth. The familiar sweet smell made him feel just a little better.

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EVE Online: Corruption

eve-logoHonorable Mention

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AD 8061

The air was cold and had the smell of being scrubbed by the installation’s purifier system. It was a refreshing smell that Samuel Williams preferred. Given a choice of living in space or planet side, he would always choose space. He had not cared to examine the psychological reasons, but his psych doctor found it interesting and determined it was feelings that lingered from childhood. Samuel had been born in space.

The man was tall with broad shoulders, dark brown hair, and a well groomed moustache and beard. He wore a black uniform with black boots. Piercing eyes reflected the light of the security console on his right. His hand could feel the gentle vibration of the device as it scanned his molecular, genetic, and unique hand print. The computer system connected with the nanotech inside the man for final verification checking everything from brain waves to vital signs. He waited impatiently as the security system processed the information.

Samuel heard the familiar tone from the security panel signaling access after a few moments.   As he removed his hand the security console began its slow descent back into the floor. A gigantic, round, flat locking segment turned in the center of massive, polished metal doors. All of the movement of the technology and mechanics were no louder than a whisper.

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Star Wars: Marooned (Novella)


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Chapter 1

Something wet dripped on Serrin’s face. It annoyed him, but he was too far away to wipe it from his forehead. He floated in darkness, so it seemed, and the distant hum in his ears scratched at him. Breathing was difficult, and he felt like he was going to suffocate. Serrin struggled upward through the darkness. He knew he was close to panic, but he had to keep control. Time was passing quickly, and soon he would be unable to wake up.

That was when he slammed back into himself, aware, he tried to open his swollen eyes, but they felt glued closed. He reached up with his hand close to his body and felt his eyes. They were covered in hardened gel.

Another drop hit him on the top part of his forehead and rolled down. He felt like screaming for an instant, but he quickly choked it back down his sore throat. He lifted his other hand to help the other in freeing his eyes. He tore the visual probes from the gel and wiped the hardened substance away as best he could for the moment.

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